Average annual income in Okinawa just over ¥2 million

The Okinawa Prefecture Department of Planning released Monday the summary of statistics of incomes by municipality in the fiscal 2012.

According to the figures, the income per capita in the prefecture increased by 0.4 % from the previous year to ¥2,035,000. By municipality, people living on the remote North Daito Island enjoy the highest annual income in the prefecture earning ¥4,367,000 during fiscal 2012. The incomes are the second highest at ¥3,162,000 on the neighboring South Daito Island.

Residents of Kadena Town earn the third highest incomes in the prefecture and the highest on the main island of Okinawa with ¥2,788,000.

15 municipalities surpassed the prefecture’s average income per capita. If the prefecture is divided into six districts, and the average income per capita in the prefecture is marked as 100, the highest average income level of the six is 114.1 points in the Naha district, while the average income in the northernmost part of the island stands at 91.9 points, the lowest in the prefecture.

05:55 30 May , 2024