Company establishes plant to produce Halal food

A Mie Prefecture-based food and cultural goods cooperative has established a new company in Okinawa named Kakehashi Co. that built a new food processing plant in the international special logistics zone in Uruma City specializing in the Islamic Halal foods. A dedication ceremony for the new plant was held on Sunday.

The company plans to produce Halal-compliant foods made using Japanese agricultural and fishery products, eventually for export to overseas. To start with, the company will ship frozen processed food and gift products to hotels and restaurants in Japan frequently visited by Muslim visitors. It plans to start exporting to Islamic countries in three to five years.

The floor space of the plant is 1,000 square meters, and it sits on 3,000 square meters of land. The company aims at sales of ¥50 million in the first year.

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    The company is going to go out of business so quick. Any way I can get a bid on their assets at a discounted rate i’m in!

00:42 31 May , 2024