Health insurance documents fell off truck, missing

The prefectural association responsible for operating the health-care system for the elderly aged 75 and older, announced Jul. 1st that insurance documents of 36 of individuals had fallen off a truck during delivery, and six of them had not been found.

Association officials explained that a delivery truck of Asahi-do Co., a company that had been commissioned to print the documents, was delivering about 30,000 individuals’ insurance documents to the Naha City Office from the company’s delivery center in Ozato, Nanjo City, when the cargo fell over. 36 sets of documents fell out of the truck and 30 of them were successfully collected. However, the rest six sets have not been found yet. The documents have individual private information on them, such as the name, address, day of birth and insurance number.

Officials at the prefectural association ask people who possibly have found the documents to report to the association at 098-963-8012.

06:44 30 May , 2024