Heavy rain fills up Okinawa’s reservoirs

Thanks to the heavy rain on Jul. 20th, the water volume in the 11 dams of Okinawa, increased to 84.4 % of their capacity as of midnight Jul. 21st, which is 5.3 % more than the average year at the same time. The average is 79.1 %.

The water volume before the rain stood at 71.7 % that means the water level rose 12.7 percentage points in one day.

According to the Okinawa Prefectural Enterprise Bureau, the water volume in Kin and Kanna Dams reached to 100 % as of Jul. 21st. In the other dams the water level is between 80 % and 90%, while water in Kurashiki Dam just north of Kadena remains low at 60.4 % of capacity.

13:49 14 Jul , 2024