Jul 2 ~ 8


Someone is going to ask you to change course of a long planned project, but you should think very carefully before agreeing. And even then, only if the reasoning convinces you beyond reasonable doubt. You should impress your lover by giving up something that is highly visible and everyone notices. This would show that you really care, and are ready to demand an effort from yourself, too.


Something that you have wanted for a long time is taking a toll on your energy, and you must slow down in order to avoid exhausting yourself. Keep an eye on your colleagues at work to ensure that they won’t deviate from the long-term plan you all have agreed on. A nostalgic trip to a place you have almost forgotten helps you to realize, how much more the life still has to offer.


By taking your loved ones to a new and different place you could really surprise yourself even more by the positive reaction you would get from them. Sometime next week an old idea you have insisted you would like to try will go bust. But at the end this proves to be a blessing in disguise that will help you in many ways in the long run. Not least by giving you valuable experience.


Things will go to the right direction as long as you remember that you are one of the team. Something that you have learned just recently is attracting interest from some powerful people, and that could encourage you to learn even more. Although there is no immediate monetary reward in sight for this, things could change rather quickly, and you would find yourself in a very good position.


Your strong desire to do things in your own way is finally showing results, and most of all that will give a big boost to your self-confidence. As you are very busy at work, it’s equally important that you are able to relax at home on your days off. And to do just that, you have to refuse to take work home with you. And even better yet, switch off your cell phone and disconnect the net.


This is an excellent time to make plans and decisions. Getting you lover to talk over the plans together would mean much less stress in the future. Remember, weekends are for being together, not for work. You could get many new ideas while relaxing at home that could save you significant money. But you will not be able to remember them if you don’t write them down as they come.


Your charms are at the strongest this week, so make sure you spend time in the right company. Take charge of projects both at home and work, and you will be able to collect the rewards sooner than you think. An invitation this weekend could be an opportunity to combine work and fun, but you have to pay close attention to what people say and make sure you understand everything.


You will get a chance at work to show what you really can do, so you must not be shy to speak up. Show off your skills as much as possible. A colleague is ready to inspire and encourage you, if you ask for a little help. You could expect to have big changes in your love life and romance over the weekend but you have to make in important decision first. That would show you which way to go.


You are in an unusually good mood, but you would not want to get involved in anything serious. Instead, you would like to postpone everything that does not look like fun. Ask advice from you best friends if you are not sure which way to go. You can expect to get your drive and determination back next week, so go ahead and let loose this weekend. You have honestly earned it.


New and exciting surroundings inspire you. Actually, you don’t need to travel to some extraordinarily exotic destination, but anything new gets your mind going. If you suspect that your companion is planning to ask you for something that you are not ready for, you have to figure out a way to stay one step ahead in order to buy time to be ready. But don’t try to hide.


Advance your plans but avoid old tracks. Some kind of study could open the door to a new and better future. You could get a useful suggestion from someone you normally wouldn’t expect to hear from, but don’t let that disturb you. It could give you a new angle to look at your ongoing project that could save you both time and money. Just remember, life is not meant to be always easy.


A desire to go back to your past could cause you to walk to the wrong direction. Especially, you have to remember that your attitude and experience are now different from what they were even a few months ago. The question is, “What are you afraid of?” The answer more than often is “Yourself!” You have to be patient waiting for your wishes to come true.

06:57 30 May , 2024