Jul 9 ~ 15


At this time you have permission from the planets to forget daily routines and problems, and to concentrate on relaxing and having some fun. You may have your own opinions, but the fact is that sometimes you need some tender loving care. For once, you should put yourself ahead of everyone else. And keep smiling, as you are likely to get it back tenfold as you’re making others happy, too.


The strongest planets are on your side his week, and anything you intend to do is inspired by strong determination. You are not taking any kind of criticism kindly, though. If people close to you try to get involved in your business, you must choose your words with care in order to avoid hurt feelings. You should not forget how important members of your family are to you.


It could be difficult to find time to relax during your busy working week, but it’s very important that you find at least a little time for yourself. Maybe you could reserve an hour or so either in the evening or early in the morning to slow down and clear your thoughts. Perhaps taking a walk or listening to your favorite music would help. Avoid large crowds and chaos as much as possible.


You can expect everything in your life to run smooth without too much hassle. You should take advantage of this opportunity to have meaningful discussions with people with whom you usually don’t find time to stop by. It’s very likely that those friends of yours have been missing that kind of moments as much as you. You must give yourself a permission to relax sometimes.


This weekend is a time to concentrate on your family life and friends. There could be some people who need your help with various domestic chores. Those Lions who are in love will feel completely satisfied with their relationship. And to make sure that everyone is happy and confident, you have to remember to be careful when planning schedule for your vacation time.


The time you recently spent with your friends and family reminds you of your priorities. This could inspire you to organize a beach party or a fun evening or weekend together sometime later this year. Your finances may not be in the best possible shape just now, but you can see light at the end of the tunnel, and your situation is very likely to improve quite a bit as the time goes by.


This weekend and next week promises to be a busy time socially, so make sure you take care of all of your responsibilities at work as soon as possible. Enjoy the company of your friends and family, but avoid taking unnecessary stress about serving others. Something that kept you busy a few years ago could become an active issue again, and finally bring you some real advantages.


Time you are going to spend this weekend with some people you possibly haven’t met before could prove to be better than you had thought. But you have to think in advance how to avoid spending too much money on this occasion. Most of those people only want to enjoy your company, and are not so interested in big and lavish parties. Pay attention to the security of your home.


Prepare to enjoy the next couple of weeks of the company of your best friends and family. That they want to spend time with you is a proof that you have focused on the right people in your life. You could well conclude that in the future you want to dedicate even more of your time to them, This would make you slow down, and that in turn would be very good for your health and happiness.


Any major problems you may have had in the past are now just that, and there is no reason for you to get bogged down with some small irritations in your life. Keep in mind after the weekend that certain chances are not coming back. Concentrate on the future. Being on top of the latest developments at your work could be really inspiring, not to mention rewarding.


Be careful if you plan to purchase something expensive over the next few days. Before making your final decision, pay especially careful attention to prices and don’t neglect to compare prices at several sources. It could be expensive to let your feelings to guide you on this. You can expect invitations to many parties and you are expected to organize your share of them, too.


Pay attention to your home security during the summertime. Ensuring that you are prepared is golden so don’t leave anything to a chance. There are many kinds of nice party scenes going on, including plenty of romance. If you are planning to delight someone with a present, remember that most people appreciate more a gift that comes from the heart than something that has a price tag on it.

02:15 31 May , 2024