Jul 16 ~ 22


It’s not wrong to take care of yourself. On the contrary, it’s very important. However, helping others often gives more satisfaction and recognition among one’s peers. Just now you would possibly like to advance one of your pet projects, but it would be a better idea to take a break. Spending some quality time with your lover would be exactly what your body and soul needs at this time.


Your dreams are very strong in your mind, and it could be that you can put together a good action plan this weekend to realize those dreams. Do not let a slow start to deter you, because that could actually give you a better chance to succeed in your endeavor. A new relationship with a promising start could well develop into a special one. The main thing is just to be yourself, and not to pretend anything else,


Your self-confidence and enthusiasm that you have shown lately are beginning to bear fruit. Especially your finances could turn for better from now on. Try to keep trying to improve the teamwork in your job, and specifically, do not hesitate to spread around kudos whenever there is a reason for it. Remember that it’s your personality that really matters in the long run.


Plenty of good luck and love is in sight this weekend. You should really enjoy this month, as it’s really special for you in so many ways. Over the weekend people around you will come to understand your value and appreciate it, and that makes you feel good, too. If you meet people who have a negative attitude, approach them with a smile and sympathy, and ask if they need some help.


The aura of power and knowledge that is shining from you attracts people and makes them to trust in you and your abilities. Make sure you don’t make promises you can’t keep. Personal decisions you have to make over the next few days will determine your path for the rest of the year. If you make a loving gesture towards a certain person you can expect very positive response.


Stress and negative thoughts you have carried in your head lately are now loosening their grip. As you are able to relax better, you will see it making wonders to your wellbeing. Pay close attention to details at your work in order to minimize any mistakes. Managing your money better makes your stress level go down, and you will want to pull your owns strings in the future, too.


Some things get resolved only with time. Are you going to take a trip? It’s very possible that you will hear some good news when you get back home. There’s someone who has taken you for granted, but that person is now starting to understand that you have had it with the situation, and want a change. Remember that it’s not forbidden to think about yourself before anyone else.


You may have to wait a little longer for some important news, but you shouldn’t worry. Everything works slower during the summer holiday season. You just need a little bit more patience, and progress will eventually become visible. If you feel like you are running out of energy, ask a friend or partner for help. Before all, this is not a good time to make fast decisions on anything important.


Life is good for one of your friends or your partner, and he or she wants to show it by pampering you in some way. You should enjoy it, and not hesitate to show your appreciation. You need people who are on the same wavelength with you and share the same values. If you think that you don’t have any of those in your current circumstances, try to join a new group activity and enlarge your circle of friends.


Be considerate towards your lover, if you want to find a new spark to your love life. If you are looking for romance, get out of the house this weekend. This is a good time to learn something new, and acquire new habits. You should not be afraid of change because that could be your best key to a happy future. If you have any parties to attend, don’t refuse. Hard work deserves fun once in a while.


Love and romance are at the peak this month, and especially over his weekend. Although it’s your habit not to consider anything second best, you should give people a chance to show who they really are before making a judgment. Slow down before you begin anything new at your work. It’s more important to take care of yourself over the next few days that worry about others.


Although people expect a lot from you this week, you are ready to give your time and effort. You have a spiritual aura that encourages others to tell you their deepest thoughts and feelings, and trust you with their secrets. Your own feelings are now in perfect balance, and you should use your time to get new experiences, perhaps something cultural like visiting a concert of art gallery.

05:41 30 May , 2024