Jul 23 ~ 29


Plenty of love, intense passions and strong feelings are in the air this time thanks to an extraordinarily powerful aspect of planet Venus. On some days life is a roller coaster, on others everything seems to go ahead at snail’s pace. That could be confusing, but you should try to make sense of it all whenever you have a little quiet time. Making plans all the way to the end of the year would be good.


Over the next few days you can expect strong passion, chaotic situations especially at home, but also new kind of closeness with your loved ones. You can also expect to discover something surprising, and even earth shaking, if you dig into the past of your family. You might also have eerie feelings that you live and experience something that you have gone through earlier but can’t say when.


The new moon gives you energy to concentrate on your domestic and health affairs. You are now ready to proceed with your plans that have been in ice because of insufficient funds and confidence. After the weekend you will understand better one of your friends, and can expect to find a rational explanation to his or her behavior and actions that have been a mystery to you before.


You can expect to feel to on edge this weekend, but strangely that’s exactly something you are comfortable with. You are ready to start something new and open to new ideas. Has something related to money been worse than you expected? You should not blame only bad luck on it, as everything has a reason. You can fix it if you take your time and concentrate on thinking it, thouroughly.


This weekend brings you a strong mix of love, passion and friendship. But at the same time, there are conflicts that could escalate into outright fights. This is the time for a change that you have expected and waited for a long time, but it’s not going to be easy. You should try to have a good time while you can and relax, knowing that better times are just around the corner.


Every human relationship has its ups and downs, but sometimes they can be too much. Everyone faces difficult changes in their lives at times, so you are not alone with your confusion. You have to work really hard if you want to succeed. If you make a good plan ahead, you can have a much better peace of mind, and even relax a little bit. That would also make life easier for people around you.


You will find yourself overwhelmed with new energy and enthusiasm over the weekend. Changes in your environment keep you on your toes, as they also can cause impatience and disagreements within your circle of friends. But that is a mark of healthy relationships in this case. Try to have open discussions as much as possible, even if you feel more like banging your head on a wall.


You can expect some strong feelings towards members of our family. It’s a good time to get together with people who mean you most. You must be open and ready to help each other the best you can. You also should be ready to change your spending habits in order to be able to save a little. You will need those savings in the near future as some unexpected events are in horizon.


You want people to answer your questions immediately and without delay. Some of your questions can be related to money, and for those you should demand a quick response. One of your friends could be in need of your help, as this friend really does not know what’s wrong. You have no reason to get upset, as kind and gentle communication is the key for better understanding in this case.


Your love life is blossoming this week but you should still keep your feet firmly to the ground. Someone close to you is excited about something, and that could lead to serious mistakes that you have to resolve. Money is a big factor at this time, and you should especially avoid lending anyone. Encouraging words from a person you keep in high esteem could make your head spin.


Your recent chance to relax has had a good effect on you and has allowed you to recharge your brain. This could prove to give a good kick-start to your finances, so you should fix any money matters once and for all. You can expect to get some good advice from an older friend that could translate into wealth sooner than you think, especially if you are paying attention to the big picture.


A new spark to the flame of an old friendship or love is giving you plenty to think about. At times you even feel like a time-traveler because so many things from the past are coming to face you. But then, you should feel confident, as you don’t have to repeat your mistakes from the past. You can expect the weekend to bring something exciting with it, so make sure you get out of the house.

01:11 31 May , 2024