June was warmest on record

According to the Okinawa Meteorological Bureau, the average temperature on Okinawa in June was the highest since records were started in 1946.

Bureau officials explain that a warm and wet air front from south affected Okinawa, and in addition, adiabatic warming was also a factor for the extraordinary hot temperatures.

Ishigaki area was on the edge of a high-pressure system that stayed over the Pacific Ocean, and that increased the influence of the hot air from the south.   The lowest average daily temperatures on Iriomote and Miyako islands were 29.4 and 29.2 degrees respectively, which are the highest on record.


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    Keep in mind this is the warmest “on record” and not the warmest in the history of the earth. Can global warming hysterics please take a seat?

01:16 31 May , 2024