Miyako man arrested for killing 3-year-old daughter

Miyako Police arrested 21-year-old construction worker Kazushi Irabu, Tuesday, on suspicion of assaulting his three-year-old daughter resulting in the little girl’s death.

According to investigators, Irabu has admitted to assaulting the girl saying, “I became annoyed because she did not listen to me when I asked her to take care of her one-year-old sister. So I beat her.”

According to an autopsy, the daughter died of brain hemorrhage caused by a blow on the head. In addition, the daughter had traces of several bruises on her body.

Irabu is suspected of causing the girl’s death by throwing her down on the floor in the afternoon of Jul. 26th in his apartment in Hirara-nishizato, Miyako Island. Irabu’s wife reportedly was in another room at the time of the assault and did not see his husband attacking the daughter. The wife has told investigators that, “I heard a sound like something hitting the floor about two times. And I saw my daughter face down on the ground by the entrance.” The wife then reportedly noticed the daughter’ body going into spasms and called the emergency number.

The daughter was taken to a hospital in the city. However, she died the next day about 12 hours later. When questioned, Irabu has told investigators, “My daughter hit her head on the corner of a table when she fell down, and then again hit her head on the floor.”

Irabu has lived with his wife and four children in the apartment since he moved to Miyako from Okinawa City mid June. Only the youngest of the family’s four children, a three-month-old son, is Irabu’s own child, while the three older children aged from 1 to 4 are children from his wife’s former marriage. On May 15th, before the family moved to Miyako, the wife had filed a report with Okinawa City Police that Irabu had hurt her first son by punching him on the head. After the report, officials from Koza Child Consultation Center had paid a visit to the couple’s home to check on the injury of the son.

01:58 31 May , 2024