Okinawa hit with record rainfall Monday evening

Record-setting rainfall hit all areas of Okinawa and surrounding islands Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning.

In Taira, Higashi Village, 255.5 mm of rain was recorded over 24 hours that set a new all-time record for the island for July. Kume Island Airport recorded 237 mm or rain over the same period.

According to Okinawa Meteorological Bureau, the amount of rainfall in one day exceeded the amount of normal total rainfall of July at several locations on Okinawa. Landslides, road and flood damage across the island has been reported.

According to the Prefecture Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management Division, as of 9 p.m. Tuesday, inundation above floor level has been reported at nine locations, while flash floods below floor level happened at 14 locations. Roads on Okinawa were closed to traffic at five points in Higashi Village and Kume Island.

Okinawa Meteorological Bureau officials explain that the cause for the heavy rain is warm and wet wind from south and southwest that formed stationary rain clouds over the islands.

06:22 30 May , 2024