Prefecture pays summer bonuses to workers

The Okinawa Prefectural Government paid the semiannual bonus to prefectural office workers on Jun. 30th.

The average bonus for employees working in general administration, except those above the level of division chief, was ¥608,142, of which the take-home amount after taxes was ¥485,759. That is an increase of 3.68 % or 21,588 yen from the previous year. The average age of such worker is 39.2 years.

The bonus for Okinawa Governor Takashi Onaga totaled about ¥1.74 million, Deputy Governor Isho Urasaki collected about ¥1.71 million and Vice-governor Mitsuo Ageda’s bonus was about ¥1.37 million.

00:46 31 May , 2024