Study; Okinawa population continues to grow

Nansei Soto Industrial Advancement Center, a think tank for research and study of industrial vitalization of the southwestern islands of Japan that includes Okinawa Prefecture, and Amami islands in Kagoshima Prefecture, has released a report of demographic trends in Okinawa. The report compares the situation between Oct. 1st, 2010, and June 1st, 2015.

By municipality, Yonabaru Town saw the largest population increase rate of 12.0 %. The second fastest growing population was in Nakagusuku Village with a 10.6 % increase. Yaese Town added 7.9 % to its residents.

On the other hand, Tarama Village experienced the largest decrease registering 10.8 % fewer people than five years ago.

The population of the whole Okinawa Prefecture increased by 2.4 % to 1,426,190, showing the number of people living in the prefecture has continued to grow ever since Okinawa’s reversion to Japanese administration in 1972.

05:29 30 May , 2024