Woman drowns in Ogimi

A woman drowned Saturday afternoon off the shore of Ogimi Village.

A person who had been fishing at the shore called the police emergency number stating, “One of my friends who went spear fishing in the sea is been missing, and we can’t find her.”

Officers from the 11th Regional Coast Guard, police and fire department rescue team arrived at the scene for a search and rescue effort, but finally a man who had came with the missing woman to the beach found her.

Missing was a 58-year-old female national government employee from Okita, Nago City. She was taken to a Nago hospital where she was confirmed dead.

According to Nago Police, the woman came to catch fish and collect shellfish from the sea with friends and two relatives, and went snorkeling in the ocean. When her friends and relatives noticed that we was missing, they called the emergency number and went looking for her. She was found floating face down in 1.5 meters of water about 100 meters offshore.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

00:26 31 May , 2024