Woman Marine nabbed for DUI in Naha on Saturday

Naha Police arrested 21-year-old Marine Cpl. Heidi Ayala stationed on MCAS Futenma, Saturday, on suspicion of drinking and driving in Naha City. Ayala is also suspected of hitting a police car and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to Naha Police, Ayala hit a police car when she made a U-turn on a street about 6 a.m. on Jul. 11th, and then ran away from the scene. When the police caught her, a breathalyzer test showed almost four times the legal limit of alcohol in her breath.

She has admitted to the DUI case but denies hitting the police car. “I hit the curbstone when I made the U-turn, but I did not hit the police car,” she reportedly insists.

Three passengers who were in the car with Ayala have insisted during to police questioning, “We did not know she had drunk alcohol.”

  • bh8640

    I have moved back to the states. I check JU every week just to see who got DUI’s. Never fails. Okinawa ruins careers.

    • David Chavez

      Individuals ruin their own careers.

      • Okinawa Resident

        Glad to see someone corrected that foolish statement.

  • matt99

    This is what happens when you clean up BC.

  • Chuck Mason

    Not hitting the Police Car makes it all better. Lol

01:02 31 May , 2024