12 teams picked up for Japan’s new pro-basketball top division

The new Japanese men’s pro basketball league, JPBL, replacing the existing two competing pro-leagues and scheduled to start fall 2016 has announced the line-up of its top twelve teams that will play in its first division. Six teams from National Basketball League of Japan (NBL) and six teams including Ryukyu Golden Kings from TKbj-League were selected for the first division.

In addition to the Ryukyu Golden Kings, the reigning TKbj-League Champion Hamamatsu Higashi-Mikawa Phoenix, Akita Northern Happinets, Sendai 89ers, Kyoto Hannaryz and Osaka Evessa were chosen from TKbj-League. AISIN Sea Horses, Link Tochigi Brex, Chiba Jets, Toyota Alvark Tokyo, Toshiba Brave Thunders and Mitsubishi Diamond Dolphins were chosen from NBL.

The new league has three divisions from 1 to 3. The first division will consist of 16~18 teams. Tatsuro Kimura, the owner of Ryukyu Golden Kings, says, “We would like to keep on growing to become the top team in the new league.”

08:13 18 Jun , 2024