Higashi Village Festival offers activities to every taste

Canoeing on the calm waters of Fukuchi Dam is a relaxing experience.

Canoeing on the calm waters of Fukuchi Dam is a relaxing experience.

Higashi Village on the northeastern coast of Okinaw main island is best known for its Azalea Festival in the spring, its large Eco-park camping ground, and for golfers, also as the hometown of professional woman golfer Ai Miyazato. Higashi Village also organizes an interesting annual summer festival that takes place this Saturday.

The festival is known as the Higashi Village Comprehensive Festival because its organizers aim to cover a lot of events at two separate venues.

The sightseeing boat makes eight trips and carries up to 42 passengers each time.

The sightseeing boat makes eight trips and carries up to 42 passengers each time.

At Higashi Village Athletic Field at Taira, an opening ceremony starts the day at 10 a.m., although the festival program does not begin until 1 p.m. The program consists of a mix of local musicians’ live performances, women’s arm wrestling tournament and, of course, eisa.

There are also a few experience events where people can try their hand on making bingata, pineapple jam and rubber sandals from old car tires. The number of people who can participate in the experiences is limited, but anyone can watch and learn.

Fireworks end the day at 8:45 when 1,500 fireworks are shot to the skies.

At the nearby Fukuchi Dam, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., visitors can try paddling in canoes on the dam or ride on a powered sightseeing boat. Canoeing costs ¥300, and the price for the sightseeing boat ride is the same. The number of people able to participate is limited also in these activities.

There are also some nature workshops, crawfish catching and a water slide in the man-made river that flows from the dam. The dam facilities are open for tours to show how it was constructed and how it is operated.

The festival takes place on Saturday at Higashi Village Athletic Field at https://goo.gl/2jRTt8 and Fukuchi Dam at https://goo.gl/kJnI5e.


@Higashi Village Athletic Field

10:00~ Opening Ceremony
13:00~ Paper-scissors-rock Tournament (13:00~, 16:40~) **free-for-all event
15:00~ Wakana Shimanaka music live
16:00~ Fish Auction Experience **free-for-all event
17:15~ Arime Eisa
17:45~ Higashi Village Ladies Arm Wrestling Tournament
18:00~ Ryuta Shiroma live
18:40~ Soluna live
19:15~ Suguru Ikeda live
19:50~ Aimoco live
20:45~ 1500 fireworks
21:00~ Close

*Free workshops (registration starts at 10:00)
Bingata experience / 11:00~ / first 10 people
Pineapple jam making experience / 13:30~ / first 20 people
Workshop of slipper making from waste tires / 14:00~ / first 10 people

@Fukuchi Dam / 10:00~16:00
*Canoe riding experience:
9 times between 10:30 and 15:00 / ¥300 (over high school age)/ first 20 people (over 4-year-old children and older)
*Pleasure boat tour:
8 times between 11:00 and 16:00 / ¥300 (over high school age)/ first 42 people

The parking for people visiting Fukuchi Dam Summer Vacation Nature Experience is at Higashi Village Athletic Field. A shuttle bus is available between Fukuchi Dam and the Athletic Field.

08:31 18 Jun , 2024