Aug 6 ~ 12


This time you should let go everything that you absolutely don’t need. That includes everything in your house that you have collected, but never use, getting rid of negative friendships and stopping routines that you know are waste of your time. You should take a little more spontaneous stance in your life. The need for a change is acute, and you really should get on with it.


For the next coming days you should concentrate on your job. Many things are proceeding at a fast pace, and you have to be ready to react on a short notice. But you should not forget your close friends either. A network of friends, who are ready to lend a helping hand whenever you need one and who constantly support and encourage you in your endeavors, is not created overnight.


Some unexpected events at home or work could cause unforeseen delays in your plans. On the positive side, this would give you more time to think through an important personal decision. Although you like and value peaceful life, there’s a possibility that you could lose an outstanding opportunity coming up, if you take a too passive stance. Don’t sleep while your luck walks by.


Your feeling impatient at home tells you that you most likely need to have some chances in your life. First you should go out and meet new people. That alone could change your impression on many aspects of your life. You have to make an important and firm decision, and although it could be difficult, the right decision is sure to take you to the right direction, and improves your mood.


You’re going to face challenges one after another over the next week. Most of them have something to do with your social life and current relationships. You know already what you have to do, although it’s by no means a simple task. Your intuition tells you that you are on the right path, but you still need some encouragement. A frank discussion with your best friend could help.


Prepare yourself for a busy week ahead. You may encounter some complicated and difficult choices that you have to make regardless. You could also hurt the feelings of an important person, if you can’t give an affirmative answer to an invitation. Maybe you could soften the impact if you are able to agree on a specific new schedule, and you also would buy some time to yourself.


You will notice to your delight that your expectations regarding a certain matter were just on the money. Your vision regarding the future is very clear at the moment. If someone close to you wants to resolve a problem, this is the time to approach you. People come to you easily with their thoughts and even problems, but you should keep your secrets to yourself, at least for now.


Many problems seem to get resolved by itself at this time. Also, a financial problem that you have been facing is going to get resolved to your satisfaction. All people who have been difficult to deal with seem to have disappeared. There’s only one specific question that is still open waiting to be answered. If you talk this through with everyone concerned, you’ll feel much better later on.


The weekend promises to be harmonious and everyone in a very good mood. Meeting new people this weekend could really be fun. However, you should avoid lending money to anyone at this time. If someone proposes a joint venture, you should first make clear you understand all the background facts. A new approach when looking for something that is very important to you is necessary.


You are going to be in a very good mood and everything in your life seems crystal clear. You could even wonder what was that you was so worried about before. You should not worry about wasted time, as there’s no way to get it back. Instead, concentrate on continuing in the right direction. If you can’t get face time with people you need to talk to, don’t give up but keep on trying.


You will be the target of appreciating attention from people all around you. Everything points to something special that you have been selected to accomplish. Is that a clear hint of the future for you? Don’t think that what you feel is only wishful thinking. Instead, be open to new people and possibilities that will come to you. Most of all, you must trust on yourself and your abilities.


You need to try to find a certain person you haven’t been able to meet for a long time. Remember the good times you had together. Maybe it could be possible to experience the same feelings again? You could be pleasantly surprised by the answer! This weekend promises to be a happy one, and you don’t even have to go into any kind of trouble to see it come true. Just sit back and relax.

23:23 25 Feb , 2024