Aug 27 ~ Sep 02


Most of Arises have quite a busy weekend that continues all the way through the first week of September. A few people can find themselves pondering the purpose of life and other deep subjects. If you have any friction in your romantic relationship, it would be better to deal with it right away. During the first half of September you could run into some kind of a drama affecting your daily life.


Although your life has been quite uneventful so far this year, some things are about to change. Your relationships are going to turn into more intensive in both good and bad. Your closest friends are going to provide you with the life jacket that keeps you afloat. Even if you’d like to change, there are pressures from the outside that force you to stick with your old and tried ways.


Your life continues to be very busy socially, but the romantic side is going to slow down after the end of the month. You can expect this weekend to be quite eventful. Physical activity and business deals are in the picture very much. There could be some disturbance in your social circle of friends that could take some time to smooth everything up. Unfortunately, it’s up to you to try to do it.


This is the time when you take an inventory of your emotional and spiritual status. You are pressed between your desire to try something completely new, and the opposition from your friends and family to change. In other words, you have a dilemma to solve. That could lead to many arguments first, but luckily cooler heads will prevail and the situation is going to calm down to your satisfaction.


The weekend is going to be active as far as your friends and neighbors are concerned, but you have to wait for a romance, if that’s what you have in mind. A complex problem concerning communications involving most of your friends could arise. It would require you to keep a close eye on what is going on, think your options carefully, and then take a firm stance in your position.


Although everything seems to be going smooth for you, there could be a minor headache ahead regarding your finances. Other than that, the next few days, and especially the weekend, is almost too harmonious to be true. All excitement seems to happen to your friends while you are left to watch the action almost entirely from outside. However, it turns out to be the best option to you.


This weekend promises to bring good opportunities to create new and useful contacts. They could be quite deep and far-reaching, but there are also dangers. So, a healthy dose of critical thought is required. But if you play your cards right, you also stand to gain handsomely from these contacts. The best moments of this weekend are related to your female friends and relatives.


You are now in the flow of planet Saturn’s positive influence, and besides adding color and excitement to your everyday life, it will give you an urge to do something special. This is a phase in your life that could open new horizons and novel perspectives. That, in turn, could give you space to move and explore new ideas, especially in the realm of romance. You should take advantage of it.


This weekend you could be the focus of the crowds, if you like it. Everyone is ready to root for you, although that could later also be a cause for some friction regarding your responsibilities between your friends and home front. This is a period of strong emotions for you, and that’s why, for the moment, it would be important to postpone any significant decision, especially concerning money.


As you have successfully finally taken care of tasks, which honestly should have been completed some time ago, you have, at the same time, gone through a test of nerves. Now you can expect those nagging responsibilities to ease up, and even disappear. As a result, your personal relationships and love life could now have a big boost, as you can again concentrate on the better things in life.


This weekend could be a real eye-opener and, at the same time, very inspiring. The signs are good that your social life is really picking up. And even if there is a slowdown over the next couple of weeks, it’s only temporary. The fact is, there’s love in the air, and you can have your fair share of it. The point is, even if there are fewer parties to attend, it leaves you more time for romance.


Pisces are now concentrating on thinking deep. Philosophies and exotic places are foremost in their minds. But that makes it easy for them to have a conversation with anyone, and thus become the highlight of any party. Finding a new romance is no problem, and those in a steady relationship can see sparkles fly in the bedroom like never before. This is the best time of the year for them.

10:06 21 Feb , 2024