Island Boat in Ginowan Marina is dream maker

By Jun Ikemura

Mitsuaki Tabata is the owner of Island Boat Ltd.

Mitsuaki Tabata is the owner of Island Boat Ltd.

How many of us have not dreamed of sailing to the sunset onboard our own yacht, chasing the big ones on a full-blooded fishing machine, or just lounging under the sun somewhere off a sandy beach with a group of friends.

Those are the dreams, and Island Boat Ltd., an Okinawa-based operator of a multi-language boat trading website is there to help those dreams come true. The company website has a large selection of boats and yachts of various types and sizes for sale, both brand new and used. The company is also ready to help you to find your dreamboat, if they don’t have one listed on the website. Just tell them what you want, a cruiser under $50,000, a fishing boat or small yacht, and they will search and find it for you.

Ginowan Marina is one of the largest marinas in western Japan.

Ginowan Marina is one of the largest marinas in western Japan.

And not only do they buy and sell as an agent, they also import new boats and yachts, or help you to export your beauty if you have it here already. Anything related to marine business, and they can find it and get it to Okinawa even if it’s not currently available in Japan.

Island Boat Ltd. has had a contract to manage the Ginowan Marina since April 2015, and it works to maintain a clean and effective marina for people. The owner of Island Boat Mitsuaki Tabata says, Ginowan Marina is one of largest marinas in the western Japan. Its location is very good because facilities like Tropical Beach, Marine Park, Convention Center, and a large San-A shopping center are in the vicinity of the marina. We have a very large parking lot, and people can have fun in the area all day long. We are planning to promote more events on the Marina in the future, and get people to come here more and more.”

He says that visitors from overseas coming by yacht to Ginowan Marina are not so rare. “I welcome them, and sometimes take them to sightseeing spots or dinner while they are staying,” he says, and adds, “I want to take care of visitors who visit this little but beautiful island, and I want to promote Okinawa’s ocean related businesses, because the Okinawan ocean is a very important asset for inviting visitors to the island. While we take care of this beautiful ocean, we can make more business because of it,” Tabata concludes.

Ginowan Marina has moorings for 357 boats by the piers, and 275 more have a berth on land. Its parking lot can accommodate 590 cars. It has a belt crane that can lift up to 15-ton boats, a water supply, electric supply, oil supply, and toilets and showers in the office building.

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01:40 27 Feb , 2024