New Sakamoto album to support Henoko opposition fund

World famous Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto is scheduled to release a new album titled ‘Mirukuyugafu-Undercooled’ in collaboration with local Okinawa folk singer Misako Koja on October 7th.

The song ‘Undercooled’ is one of the songs from the album ‘CHASM’ released by Sakamoto in 2004, and Kojya’s all female singer group ‘Unaigumi’ wrote new lyrics to the song in Okinawan dialect.

Commenting the upcoming release of the album, Koja stated, “All members of Unaigumi, including myself, are against the relocation of the U.S. (Futenma) base to Henoko, and the ensuing destruction of our precious ocean and the ecological environment of Okinawa. We will donate all proceedings from the sales of the new album, minus direct costs, to Henoko Kikin (fund and foundation set up to support opposition activities against the relocation of MCAS Futenma to Henoko).”

Cocco, a popular musician from Okinawa, created the jacket for the new album.

  • special

    Wow! who cares?

  • bob

    a cover up to make up the a mainland reporter who stepped up and pointed out the local news affiliate papers that caused an even more ruckus at being turned in by one of their own

11:55 21 Feb , 2024