Okinawan goods sold on line at discount with gov. subsidy

A new internet shop outsourced by the Prefectural Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor to sell Okinawan local products at a 30 % discount started Monday. The goods are sold at discount by taking advantage of a subsidy from the national government.

The OPG outsourced the job to three companies, Rakuten, Ryukyu Shinpo and Okinawa E-commerce Association, which sells the products on their Okinawan Mall site at

The target is to generate a total of ¥340 million in sales. The prefecture has also set a limit to the project expenses at 50 million yen per participating company. The subsidy for the project is coming from the national government budget for local revitalization and livelihood support.

One of the companies taking part in the project, the E-commerce Association, is already selling local products such as Motobu Beef, Sanshin and Kariyushi wear at 30% discount on its website.

22:57 28 Nov , 2023