Report on Okinawa’s future population trends released

NIAC, the Nansei-soto Industrial Advancement Center, a think tank for research and study of industrial vitalization of the southwestern islands of Japan including Okinawa Prefecture, released Aug. 10th a report on estimated population trends in Okinawa in the future.

According to the report, the projected population of Okinawa will reach its peak of 1,450,000 people in 2025 that is then estimated to decrease to 1,290,000 by 2060. The survey calculated the estimated future population comparing the figures in the population census of 2010 and the estimated population in 2060.

By municipality, the population in only 8 of the 41 municipalities in the prefecture, like Nakagusuku Village, Tomigusuku City and Yaese Town, is expected to increase. The largest growth is estimated to take place in Nakagusuku Village where the population is expected to increase by 37.7 %. The second largest increase of 20.6 % is predicted for Tomigusuku City, while Yaese Town is expected to see a 15.8 % increase and Yonabaru Town 12.4 % more people.

22:25 27 Feb , 2024