Venture Market exchange event aims to attract 250 companies

The 6th Okinawa Venture Market cross-industrial exchange event will take place Dec. 1st at Okinawa Cellular Park Naha in Onoyama, Naha City.

Organizers of the event aim at attracting a total of 250 venture companies within and outside of the island, including companies from overseas, to participate. To this end they have sent invitations to dozens of businesses already.

According to OKINAWA J-Adviser, a company managing the event, about 30 more companies than in the previous event are expected to take part. Of them, about 100 firms are local, 50 are coming from outside of the island, and 100 overseas companies, mainly from Taiwan, have said that they would participate.

At the event, the companies will have a chance to interact, form business ties, and discuss about development of products and services. Setting up a booth and admission to the event are free. The application deadline is Sep. 30th.

Details of the event are posted on its official homepage in Japanese at

03:47 29 Feb , 2024