Zamami Island Festival highlights island’s pristine beauty

Zamami youth show their prowess in Eisa during the festival.

Zamami youth show their prowess in Eisa during the festival.

Zamami Island, just a 70-minute ferry ride from Naha, is known best as a Mecca for divers with its incredibly clear waters and abundant marine life, and also for its world-class whale watching that takes place from January through the end of March.

But Zamami has other attractions, too. Its annual summer festival, this year taking place Aug. 22, features a variety of stage events mostly performed by local people living on the island. Zamami is a popular tourist destination in the peak of the summer with many people traveling to the island to experience camping on one of it’s pristine beaches, sleeping under the stars and having a good time.

The Zamami Festival is an event that not only local people but many tourists come to enjoy year after year.

The festival on Saturday, Aug. 22nd, begins around sunset at 6 p.m. and runs until 9:30 p.m. at Zamami Fishing Port terminal area in Zamami Village, just by the ferry port. The program starts with an opening ceremony followed by Eisa by Zamami school children and Ryukyu Dance by Fujiko Taira. Hawaiian hula and more Eisa continue the evening. Fireworks shoot up at 8:55 p.m. and live music by a local band from Zamami, the Mammy’s, ends the evening. Attending the festival is free of charge.

Two separate ferry services connect Zamami and Naha, both leaving from Tomarin Port in Naha. For ticket prices and schedules, go to The information is in English.

23:19 25 Feb , 2024