2nd Great Okinawa Trade Fair attracts much interest

The first board meeting of the 2nd Great Okinawa Trade Fair 2015, one of the largest international food-related trade fairs in Japan scheduled to take place on Nov. 26th and 27th this year on Okinawa, was held Tuesday at Okinawa Industry Support Center in Naha.

According to organizers, as of Aug. 26th, 177 domestic companies from on and off the island had registered as suppliers, and another 162 companies, both domestic and from overseas, were registered as buyers. Participants from 15 countries have registered for the fair.

Of the suppliers, 132 companies are outside of the island and 45 companies are from Okinawa, while 119 of the buyers are from overseas and 43 companies from Japan.

Of overseas participants, 28 companies come from Singapore, 27 from Hong Kong and 17 from Taiwan. The event website in English as well as in Chinese is at http://gotf.jp/eng/

23:07 24 Jun , 2024