Approaching storm Dujuan threatens weekend festivals

Tropical storm named Dujuan that formed in the western Pacific this week and is expected to intensify to a typhoon by the weekend is approaching Okinawa. The storm is forecast to be at its closet to Okinawa Sunday.

Dujuan was located about 1,213 km (754 miles) southeast of Okinawa 9 a.m. yesterday, according to Joint Typhoon Warning Center. The system had maximum sustained winds of 20 m/s (40 knots) as it was moving west-northwest at 22 km/h (13.7 mph). The JTWC forecasts Dujuan to pack maximum sustained winds of 39 m/s (75 knots) with gusts up to 46 m/s (90 knots) by Sunday.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center says that forecasting the exact path is still uncertain as the storm is quite unorganized. However, its approach raises possibility that several festivals planned for this weekend on Okinawa could be cancelled. The festivals include Toropa 2015 scheduled for Tropical Beach in Ginowan and Chushu mid-autumn festival in Shuri Castle, on Sat. & Sun. Itoman Tug-of-War and Food Flea that was already moved once are scheduled for Sunday.

01:01 26 Jun , 2024