Gang of nine teens nabbed for vending machine burglary spree

Okinawa Prefectural Police rounded up a gang of nine boys between 18 and 19 years of age, Thursday, on suspicion of burglarizing vending machines.

According to police, the boys broke into vending machines at 97 locations in the middle and southern parts of the island between last December and this July. The vending machines were located in 13 municipalities from Yomitan Village to Nanjo City. The boys’ loot included both cigarettes and cash.

One boy was arrested on suspicion of giving the rest of the gang a place to hide in his home.

The damage to the machines and the stolen property amounts to a total of about ¥1.3 million. When questioned, the boys told investigators, “We did it to steal money for playing.” All have admitted to the charges. The boys reportedly have known each other and been friends since childhood.

02:00 22 May , 2024