Ginowan Mayor announces seeking second term

Ginowan City Mayor Atsushi Sakima, held a press conference in Ginowan City Office Sep. 5th to formally announce seeking a second term in office in the city mayoral election in January next year.

51-year-old Sakima stressed that his top priority issue is to achieve closing of the MCAS Futenma, reduce the risks posed by the base while it’s still operating, prevent the MCAS Futenma to become permanent, and to stop the base’s operations and return the land to Okinawa.

Opposition parties in the city government have also launched a candidate selection committee and are speeding up selection process for candidates.

Atsushi Sakima was born Aug. 9, 1964, in Shimashi, Ginowan City. He graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and Economics of Chiba University of Commerce. He has served for two 5-year-terms as a city assembly member, and two 6-year-terms as a member of the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly.

He was elected to his first term as the Ginowan City Mayor in the election in Feb. 2012. The Ginowan mayoral election is scheduled to take place January 24th, 2016.

17:15 21 Apr , 2024