Sep 03 ~ 09


Next couple of weeks would be an opportune time to pamper yourself and do things that you especially want to do. It’s very likely that somehow this is connected to your family and friends. However, you should keep and eye on your money and avoid splurging. The planets say a new and impressive idea is in the horizon. In any case, you can expect something truly remarkable to happen.


Romance and love are now following you wherever you decide to go. Someone who has admired you from a distance for a long time is finally going to come ahead and open up, but you must make sure that there’s no hidden agenda. You can expect a period of about two weeks when your aura is really shining through, and you are attracting people who just want to enjoy your company and admire you.


Your influence on people around you is exceptionally strong, thanks to planet Jupiter that is entering into your triangle. This could give you a chance to use people to your advantage, but you must listen to your inner voice. Is there someone who’s expecting you to make a decision that you don’t really appreciate? Sometimes its better to just keep on smiling and say nothing.


Saying people around you what they want to hear this weekend could open you some doors next week, but that would also generate risks. Especially, a certain person you try to impress is now considering to agree to your ideas, and this could lead you to a wrong direction, too. This is a gamble, and temptation to take excessive risks is simply too great. You have to be very careful.


Someone, or something that you have waited for a long time, is finally about to arrive. So, you don’t have a moment to waste, but you have to act right away. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to believe in your own good luck, even if it’s mainly due to your own efforts. Do not allow negative people to prevent you from enjoying your good fortune. You have earned your rewards, so enjoy them.


You are in a very good mood, and you feel an urge to agree to a proposal that has something to do with your work. However, you should sleep over it one night and take your time to think it through. You surely know what a certain person thinks about you. Trying to change this person’s thinking is very likely futile and waste of time, so you should concentrate on what’s important for you.


Many people are now praising and sucking up to you, and undeniably you enjoy it. A friendship that started from light flirting could end up with entirely something else. Although this just now seems unlikely, a love affair could oftentimes be a complete mystery. Sometimes you just have to let things to run their course and see where it all lead to. Just make sure that others don’t get hurt.


You have many things that keep you very busy at work, and that could lead you to say something that you didn’t mean to. You could even hurt someone’s feelings. Make sure that you know exactly the facts before expressing your opinion. There is a person who’s always one hundred percent behind you, but you don’t necessarily notice it. Taking too a defensive stance does not work for you now.


You can expect to feel closer to members of your family. You may feel like those around you don’t value you enough, but that’s not true. People are busy, and they take many things, especially their loved ones, for granted. If you are wondering what a certain person really thinks about you, why don’t you ask? This would also be the right time to start enjoying rewards from your earlier labors.


Keeping an open mind when you meet new people is refreshing at its best. Sometimes it’s difficult not to mix past with future, especially after certain experiences that leave their mark in your mind. But you also have to admit that things change with times. That’s why it’s important that you learn to take a much more relaxed attitude to about everything. It makes you life much easier.


Are you looking for a new companion, or do you want to change whatever arrangement you currently are living with? You should think about it this week, but leave the decision to the next. Talk about this matter will go much smoother after you have cleared you mind. The first part of the September promises much fun and good living, especially if you can spend time with younger people.


You will enjoy this weekend and most of next week, as you will be able to choose what you do and with whom. The feeling of freedom will light up your imagination, and that sure doesn’t happen very often. It’s not easy to take distance from your daily routines, especially if other people rely on you too much. But it is possible, if you make a firm decision and then determine to stick with it.

12:35 02 Mar , 2024