Sep 10 ~ 16


It’s the time to start a period of saving your money. You must plan ahead as much as possible for everything you intend to purchase, and then match it with your expected income. In any case, planning ahead is a good idea this time, even regarding your romance and love life. You should be brave but creative, and immerse yourself into new experiences.


Just a brief look into your past would tell you that it’s the time to forget bad experiences. Instead, you must fix your sights in your future, as it looks very bright and promising. You must get rid of everything negative surrounding you, including people. It’s a high time that you stop wasting your time to so-called “friends” who can’t even be loyal to you when you need them.


You are now ready to move on and leave the melancholy that has been your companion in the past behind you. Your newly found self-confidence is attracting people to your sphere. Maybe many of them are in need of some kind of help, and the more you can extend your helping hand or moral support to them, the better you feel yourself, as you feel you are needed.


It would pay to keep a keen eye on your finances at this time. Double-check that you are current with your bills and all taxes are paid. Your love life correlates strongly with the level of activity in the rest of your daily life. In other words, be prepared to meet someone interesting at the gym or on a jogging trail. And when that happens, your inner voice will tell you.


You have many big dreams that will decide the direction of your actions over the coming days. In order for you to reach your goals, it’s important to pay attention to your health. You should especially try to balance your work and fun, and make sure you have enough time to relax. Your intuition drives you towards an adventure, and that could lead you to encounter a nice surprise.


You are facing a string of delicate but lucky days ahead. Your good financial situation could easily lead for you to lose control when pampering yourself. Nevertheless, you should allow yourself to enjoy this happy period, as that would empower those around you, too. Everyone could share in your happy feelings, and generosity, and that would make you the center of their universe.


Searching for your own destiny leads you to think about your spiritual side. While doing it, remember that expecting too much could easily lead you astray. Some of your friends seem to believe that you need a new beginning. You may end up facing a choice between wealth and power, and your friendships. It’s then up to you to decide which is more important to you.


Your chances for a romance are rather limited at this time, and that makes you to desire it that much more. You want pick up a partner who could give you everything. But you must remember that love seldom is that simple. As the famous song says, “Love is a many-splendored thing!” You must take good care of your health and avoid burning your candle from both ends.


Remember that you need time to relax, even if your job takes much of your time. Do whatever is necessary at your work, and then leave the work in your office. New technology could help you greatly with your job, but you have to keep up with it and keep on learning new things constantly. Remember to take into account your family when you think about changes.


Secrets have a habit to come out, and that’s exactly what could happen this weekend. That could affect you, even though you have your thoughts already somewhere else. Remember that circumstances can change quickly. Leave the past behind you, and your natural charms and determination will help with this. You can’t control everything, and that’s not even necessary.


Big passions will go away this weekend although you would like otherwise. A romance that has been simmering on small flame for a long time could finally burst into fire. There are some certain people who could test your patience, but you should not waste your time to provocations. You have too much to do that is much more productive and necessary for your future.


Your social life is flourishing this weekend, and the same goes with your love life. The back-and-forth that has been the trademark in your romance is finally coming to an end. Meeting new people is just what you need now, and you should not let your shyness or ghosts of the past to keep you back. The main thing is to remember that if you don’t even try, you get nowhere.

14:19 14 Jul , 2024