Okinawa children improve in national academic test

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced Aug. 25th the results of the annual National Academic Achievement Test in the nation’s elementary and junior high schools that took place in April.

The test targets all students on the last grades in elementary and junior high schools in the country. The children on those grades are 11~12 and 14~15 years of age, and the test has been conducted every year in April since 2007.

In elementary schools in Okinawa Prefecture, average scores improved from the year before, and the students went from the 24th place in 2014 to 20th place in the nation in 2015. The subjects of the test are Japanese language, arithmetic and science.

On the other hand, the average score in the prefecture’s junior high schools has been the worst in the nation in all three subjects since the tests started in 2007. However, the score gap between the national and the prefectural average in all three subjects has been shrinking year by year.

15,173 children in 267 public elementary schools and 14,684 students in 150 public junior high schools in Okinawa participated in the test.

By the prefecture, in the first place in the national language and arithmetic tests was Akita Prefecture, while the top in science was Toyama Prefecture. The top scorer in the national language among junior high schools was Akita Prefecture while Fukui Prefecture placed first in mathematics and science.

20:47 20 Jul , 2024