Skeletal remains of man found in Ishigaki Park

Yaeyama Police announced Sep. 17th a discovery of the body of an unidentified man in a bush at Banna Park in Tonoshiro, Ishigaki Island.

According to Ishigaki Police, the man is estimated to have been in his 40’s to 60’s when he died. The body was found last month. The man was 150~160cm tall, and wore silver-framed glasses to correct near-sightedness. He wore a long-sleeved jersey shirt, long pants, socks and white sneakers.

A worker surveying the land discovered the body on Aug. 19th. The man had no belongings with him, and the body was in a skeletal condition when found.

Yaeyama Police is asking the public for any information about a missing man. The number to call is 0980-82-0110.

21:28 20 Jul , 2024