Two men drown as mini truck plunges into ocean

Two men died when a mini truck fell into the ocean at Nago Fishing Port in the evening of Aug 1st.

According to Nago Police, the accident to place on a dock within the Nago Fishing Port, which is a popular fishing spot among local anglers. An eyewitness said that the mini truck had been parked on the dock with its engine running and two men inside. The witness told investigators that as soon as he heard the sound of a changing gear, the truck lurched ahead and fell into water.

A rescue team from Nago Fire Department that rushed to the scene managed to pull the two men from the truck. They were taken unconscious to a hospital in Nago City. However, resuscitation efforts were not successful and both were confirmed dead the same evening. Police say that one of the unnamed victims was in his 30~40’s and the other in his 20’s.

The dock in the port is 6~7 meters wide and 160 meters long. The car was found under water 5 to 10 meters away from the dock. The car was pulled from the water late in the same evening. Nago Police is investigating the cause of the accident.

10:00 30 May , 2024