Woman driver arrested after fatal crash with motorcycle

An accident between a car and a motorcycle occurred on Highway 58 in Ameku, Naha City, in the evening of Aug. 2nd, in which the driver of the motorcycle died.

According to Naha Police, 26-year-old self-employed Kanae Nakamura was driving south on Highway 58 and attempted a right turn, when her car hit the motorcycle driven by 18-year-old vocational training school student Ryou Oyafuso, who was driving north on the opposing lane.

In the collision, Oyafuro was thrown off his motorcycle and hit his head hard on the curb. He was taken unconscious and in serious condition to a hospital, where he died a little past midnight on the following day.

Naha Police arrested Nakamura on suspicion of negligence in traffic resulting in death.

00:02 28 May , 2024