16 baby turtles hatch from eggs from killed mother turtle

The Okinawa Churashima Foundation announced Oct. 13th to have succeeded in artificially hatching 16 green turtle eggs that were taken from a mother turtle after she was killed in a traffic accident on Highway 58 in Kijyoka, Ogimi Village this August.

Staff at the foundation’s research center dissected the body of the turtle, and took out 80 eggs a day after the accident. They then put the eggs in an incubator where the first turtle started hatching on Oct. 10, on the 54th day after the accident.

Although about half of the 80 eggs have failed, the researchers at the center expect the rest to continue to hatch. The first 16 baby turtles that were born from the eggs will be released at a beach near the accident site in Kijoka.

11:35 04 Mar , 2024