AEON Mihama renovates, reopens

AEON Ryukyu reopened its renovated AEON Chatan Shopping Center in Mihama, Chatan, Thursday.

The renovated shop has expanded a health & beauty area and family & children’s zone. In addition, a new shop named NIMIUS, an import brand shop of the AEON Group, opened for the first time in Okinawa.

With the renovation, the company aims at attracting more overseas tourists in addition to local shoppers such as young women and families. A corner dealing with a large selection of natural and organic products, like raw food items and cosmetics was also launched.

In addition, the store installed the largest wellness area in the prefecture where people can check up their physical condition, such as measuring body fat, on the health food floor. In the kids’ corner, there are Anpanman World and a special area for intellectual training toys.

09:56 04 Dec , 2023