Art university professor gets boot for sexual harassment

The Okinawa Prefectural Personnel Division announced the termination of a male professor at the Okinawa Prefecture College of Performing Arts, effective Oct. 13th.

The man, who’s in his 50’s, and has worked for the university in Naha, was found guilty of sexual harassment of three teachers and a student. College officials have not revealed the identity of the professor in order to avoid identifying the victims.

According to investigation by the prefectural government and the college, the professor is suspected of sexually harassing the women, including touching the victims’ improperly at parties between 2012 and April this year. Three anonymous letters sent to the college in late April brought the harassment to the attention of school officials.

According to college officials, the professor has expressed his regrets and admitted to the harassment. Regarding the matter, the principal of the college, Yasuharu Higa, also received a written warning for not supervising properly the professor in question, and thus bearing some responsibility.

10:11 21 Feb , 2024