Oct. 1 ~ 7


If a romance is in your mind or you consider taking a certain relationship to a new level, this could be an opportune time for it. Usually, ideas and wishes of people around you don’t jibe very well with yours, but because of a fortunate aspect of planet Venus, your changes are especially positive just now. Taking a gentle and friendly attitude would further help you in your endeavors.


Taking a bit more responsibility is your way to more happiness. You can expect to share some magic moments with a special person. You must keep your cool and appreciate what is offered to you, because this is something that is going to change your life. But you will need to be able to read between the lines. Only then you can make sure that everything proceeds the way you want.


Using your smarts will help you to achieve your goals, bet nothing will really happen until after the weekend. Be sure not to hurt anyone’s pride, but instead let people to think that a certain idea was theirs in the first place. You must do your best to convince others in your team that what you are doing now really is in their best interest in the long run.


Thoughts about your past keep coming into your head, especially this weekend. You should therefore look for company of someone who is able to show you the future. Your friends have put together a plan that is raising conflicting emotions in you, and you have to take time to get your own thoughts straight. You have to balance what you can lose, and how much you can win.


Never look down to a person who could some day help you. Learn to be polite and patient, and the rest will take care of itself. Just now it’s very important for you to build a network of good contacts. Is someone is offering you something that you already though was due to you, you should still make an effort to look pleasantly surprised. Later you will be glad you did.


Sometimes it feels that life has nothing to show but the unpleasant and bad side of the day. That feeling could at times be so strong that we forget everything that’s good around us. You should try to see the lighter side of your life, especially this weekend. Being friendly towards people around you is a good point to start. It’s always a good investment, and also warms your own heart.


You feel dynamic and are able to accomplish a lot. But in the middle of all hustle and bustle don’t forget to take care of your health. Some quality time together with you lover could make wonders to your mood and energy. But don’t overdo it, as you could easily lose control of your money, if you let your surge of emotions to take over. It’s always good to keep at least one foot to the ground.


Do not take anything for granted over the next few days, as the situation is very fluid and changes all the time. There could be something that everyone says should be accomplished in a hurry, but then turns out that you could take your time. You should first figure out what is the result of any action. Hiding your emotions could cause more harm than showing them openly.


You are strong and able to accomplish tasks that members of your team want you to do. Do not refuse to take on something that someone else thought was a good idea. That would give out an impression of vanity and small mind. Try to be more ambitious, not least because of your loved ones. Whatever you put your energy to now will bear fruit later on.


You can expect to meet temptations, most likely related to the opposite sex. You will be the target of plenty of flirting, and that feels good. And who would not feel that way? Later on, you will see someone in a new light, and realize that you have nothing to give, and can’t expect anything to gain. Instead, you should continue as usual. There’s no reason to change the course.


This weekend you will have an opportunity to immerse yourself into your favorite hobby. Although your finances look to be in a better shape now than before, you should not lax off. Although you make some progress in a personal matter, make sure that you interpret the situation right before making any irreversible decisions. Use any changes in your job to your advantage.


Something that you have considered more of a nuisance turns out to be quite enjoyable after all. You should invite your friend to join in the project, but you should tell them exactly what you expect them to do. A compromise with your lover is the best you can do at this time. Try to spend more time together, and do it now. Do not postpone it to some day in the future.

10:13 23 Jun , 2024