Oct. 8 ~ 14


This is a dynamic period in the life of everyone born under the zodiac of Aries that urges them to make changes in their lives. The changes could be small, but their influence could be remarkable and long lasting. You may feel that pursuing perfection is a sure and straight way to disappointment, and that may be true, but don’t you think that you owe yourself at least an honest try.


When many would see your situation stressful and difficult, you see only a new challenge to be met. That is the reason why many of your friends consider you as their hero. Or could there be something even greater? As it happens often, a friendship can develop into something completely different. The big question is, are you ready to face the truth that everyone can see.


The coming few days are going to be very busy, and you have to choose carefully with whom you spend your precious few free moments. You can expect someone important to your future career, to pay extra attention to you. You must do your best, of course, but at the same time avoid overreacting. Take comments from a mysterious admirer with a grain of salt.


Are you trying to impress a person that you have been interested in for some time? If so, why can’t you see any reaction? Perhaps you should find out a little more about this person, even through an intermediary. Think very carefully whether you can afford to let your heart to lead you at this time. You could find listening to the voice of common sense very difficult just now.


Sit down and think over your plans for the future. It could be that some small details are not in harmony in your plans, and need to be worked over once more. You can’t please everyone at home and work in the long run without making some compromises. Remember that you yourself are the one you should take care of first in order to be able to take care of others.


You must stay sharp now for a new possibility that is likely to come up early next week. If you trust in yourself, you will find that you are just the right person to face this challenge. But you have to get involved 100 percent, as there is no room for a compromise if your want to succeed. Over this weekend you will have time to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.


You should look for something out of ordinary, something that would stimulate your imagination. The vibes are there, but you have to have an open mind in order to be able to enjoy a titillating situation you are able to create if you want. Be ready to ask questions and expect straight answers. An old friend is going to bring some kind of fun to you over the weekend.


Just now there seems to be a conflict between your wishes and dreams and what you really need to get ahead. Beware of on the spot decisions that concern money. Maybe you just want to escape it all, but that would not be normal you. There is an ideal answer to your dilemma, and you can expect to find it easily, if you take the time to really get into searching it.


If you want to enjoy some small romantic moments, you have to make time to discover them. What you think is a reasonable time for quality time with your lover, might not be enough, It is very likely that over this weekend you will discover something about your partner that you have not known or understood before. You need a flexible attitude regarding your future.


You should be ready to ask the right questions in order to get the honest and straight answers you are looking for. Once you have gained the knowledge, you have to take time to think it over. Some situations and persons are trying to steer your attention away from the essential. You have to keep in mind that small problems tend to grow big if you don’t take care of them in time.


Romantic promises are not necessarily leading to anything concrete, but that’s not a reason to stop trying. Some people find it difficult to make decisions, or their opinions could change over the time, and you just have to allow them to work the way they feel comfortable with. In the meantime, you have to find something else to do. There’s no reason to stress over nothing.


Have you finally found what you have been looking for so long time? Maybe, or are you still trying to find the perfect one? You should take a practical stance this weekend in order to avoid disappointment. In most instances, very ordinary enjoyment and doing what most people find fun, is the way to relax. The main point is to join in, and not try to catch a falling star.

12:10 28 Feb , 2024