Ishigaki to get first 18-hole champion-grade golf course

A unit of the Unimat Group, Unimat Precious Co., Ltd. that specializes in managing golf courses in the country, announced at a press conference in Ishigaki City a plan to construct an 18-hole champion-grade golf course on Ishigaki. Currently. Ishigaki Island does not have a full-length golf course.

According to the company, its aim is to open the new golf course within four years, concurrently proceeding with a plan to construct a hotel next to the golf facility. The golf and hotel complex will be located on a land parcel of about 990,000 square meters on the north side of Maesedake, about a 10-minute drive from the urban area of Ishigaki City.

Ishigaki City Mayor Yoshitaka Nakayama said he expects the golf course to attract many new tourists to his city, especially during the winter season.

04:05 15 Jul , 2024