Marine arrested for assault with beer jug

Okinawa City Police arrested a 28-year-old Marine Sergeant stationed on MCAS Futenma, Saturday, on suspicion of an assault resulting in a physical injury.

According to police, the Marine is suspected of hitting a 28-year-old Japanese businessman from Chatan on the face several times with a beer jug on a parking lot in Chatan about 2:40 in the morning. The man’s injuries are not life threatening.

The Marine is denying the allegation, and has reportedly told investigators. “I did not hit him.”

Police received an emergency call about the altercation, and a patrol responding to the call searched around the area and found the marine walking on a street in Kitamae, Chatan Town, and arrested him. Police say the marine smell strongly of alcohol when apprehended.

Investigators say they believe the businessman was attacked after he tried to intervene in a quarrel between the marine and another man. They have not said whether the Marine has explained why he had the beer jug with him.

  • bob

    good for the marine, and probably had a good reason to kick his ass otherwise if the marine was really that drunk there is no way in hell otherwise he could have beaten this guy up as he would have been too drunk to do it, and since when has having a strong smell of alcohol been a problem in Okinawa as we dont’ see Japanese getting arrested for strong smell of alcohol walking down the street.

  • thetruthseeker

    And I thought this was a real news outlet not one that writes satire. journalist need to check the facts before printing articles like this. I definitely wont take this new organization serious again its just a bunch of untruthful reporting.

22:02 27 Feb , 2024