Okinawa population keeps increasing

According to the Okinawa Prefecture Statistics Division numbers made public on Sep. 30, the population of Okinawa stood at 1,428,647 people as of Sep. 1st. That’s an increase of 1,021 over the previous month, and 6,849 more than on the same day a year ago.

The division estimates the number of households to be 568,547, which is 796 households more compared to the previous month, and 11,263 more that in the same month a year before.

By region, 128,264 people reside in the northern part of the island, 614,175 in the middle, and 259,539 in the southern part not counting Naha City, which has 321,289 residents.

Residents outside of the main island of Okinawa include 52,434 in the Miyako district, while people in the Yaeyama district number 52,946.

13:54 10 Dec , 2023