Robbery and attempt by two men on motorbike

Two incidents of purse snatching were reported to Naha Police Oct. 11 and 12. In both cases two men riding on a motorcycle grabbed the purses.

Investigators from Naha Police investigating the cases think that there’s a high possibility that the culprits are the same in both cases, and warns people to be alert when walking on low-traffic streets.

According to police, a businessman visiting Okinawa from Tokyo was robbed of his bag that contained ¥39,000 in cash about 4:20 in the morning on Oct. 11th in Makishi, Naha City. The man was talking to an acquaintance on a street when two men on a motorcycle approached and snatched his hand purse..

Next day, a similar incident occurred about 19:50, when a shoulder bag of a 39-year-old woman from Nishihara Town was almost snatched. However, the robbery failed because of her resistance.

Police officials explain that in the earlier incident, the suspects are two men riding on a blackish motorcycle without helmets. The man sitting on the back seat was wearing a dark-colored jacket. In the Oct. 12th robbery attempt, the two male suspects were riding on a scooter-type bike with both wearing black helmets.

08:20 04 Dec , 2023