Shark attack injures stand-up paddler off Itoman coast

A man in his 40’s riding on his stand-up paddle board was thrown off his board and bitten on the right leg by something believed to be a shark, off Odohama coast in Itoman City, in the morning of Oct. 26th.

According to Itoman Police and the man’s friends who were in the area, the man had gone paddling and hit something in the water when he was about 500-600 meters off the shore. He lost his balance and was thrown into the ocean, and was attacked.

He was able to get back on his board, and paddle back to the shore after the attack. He called the police himself and was taken to a hospital. Investigators concluded that the incident was a shark attack as teeth marks on his injured ankle indicated a shark bite. In addition, the man says that he saw a shark’s fin.

The man suffered several injuries on top of his right foot and heel, but none are life threatening. The area is known as a favorite spot for surfers and scuba divers.

19:48 11 Dec , 2023