Uruma Festival presents collaboration of old and new

Ryujin-no-Utage spectacle

Ryujin-no-Utage spectacle

Although the annual Uruma Festival has been known for its bullfighting tournament in the past, this year organizers have decided to expand the program to a wider variety of entertainment to mark the 10th anniversary of the festival.

The bullfighting at the Ishikawa Multi-purpose Dome still remains the center of the Okinawan bullfighting, and the festival features a tournament that is free for people to watch, but programs on the main stage at the Gushikawa General Athletic Park have been increased significantly.

The events include live music performances by local musicians, ‘3 on 3’ sports event, taiko drum show, pro-wrestling performance and more. One of the highlights is a special collaboration performance of Kimutaka-no-Amawari and Ryujin-no-Utage.

Kimutaka-no-Amawari musical

Kimutaka-no-Amawari musical

Both are popular local shows related to Uruma City. The Kimutaka-no-Amawari is a story centering around the history of Katsuren Castle in Uruma City. The traditional story based on a well-known Kumiodori has been arranged into a modern version featuring modern music and dance, making it a sort of Okinawan musical.

Ryujin-no-Utage is an entertainment show that mixes traditional Ryukyu performing arts, modern ballet dance and Eisa performance centering around a God reincarnated as a dragon. The show is usually performed in the Ishikawa Multi-purpose Dome, better known for its frequent bullfights.

Another highlight on Sunday is ‘Hi-Pu’s Okinawa Niibichi Performance King Contest final’. ‘Niibichi’ means wedding party in Okinawan dialect. In Okinawa, friends, co-workers and relatives of bride and groom perform something like a dance or play music at a wedding party. People usually practice several weeks, and some of these amateur performances are very fun to watch and almost on professional level. They are used to perform in front of several hundred guests and they know how to warm up a party. So, performers selected from all over Okinawa will compete for a Performance King bragging rights.

Uruma Festival takes place Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 17th and 18th at Gushikawa General Athletic Park and Ishikawa Multi-purpose Dome (bullfighting). Admission to all events is free.

Free temporary parking is available at various locations throughout the city. Free shuttle buses connect the festival grounds and more distant parking lots between noon and 10 p.m.


10/17, Saturday

  • 9:00 Bonsai exhibition
  • 12:00 3 on 3 sports event in front of the gymnasium
  • 16:00 Ryukyu Dragon Pro-wrestling
  • 17:30 Live music on main stage featuring Reverse / Pengin / green note coaster / Glean Piece / Parsha Club
  • 8:20 Live music on sub stage featuring Kozue Taira / Satoru Kudaka / Ayano Jyahana / The Blue Sky Kick’s
  • 20:40 Fireworks

10/18, Sunday

  • 9:00 Bonsai exhibition
  • 14:00 Kid’s performing art
  • 16:10 the 6th Hi-Pu’s Okinawa Niibichi (wedding party) Performance King Contest finals at sub stage
  • 17:20 Dazoku Japanese Taiko drum team on main stage
  • 17:45 Ryujin Mabuyar show on main stage
  • 18:15 Miss Uruma City coronation ceremony on sub stage
  • 18:35 Live music on sub stage featuring Ryuty / Kanasa / Southern Band Okinawa
  • 18:40 Urumaa hero show
  • 19:20 Kimutaka-no-Awawari and Ryujin-no Utage collaboration stage performance
  • 20:40 Fireworks
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