USJ executive: No change in Okinawa plan

The recent buyout of the management company of the Universal Studios Japan cast in some Okinawan tourist business circles doubts about the future of the USJ plan to construct a new theme park on Okinawa.

However, Tsuyoshi Morioka, an executive officer of the USJ clarified the matter at a press conference in Osaka, Friday. According to Morioka, there is no change in the company’s plan to construct the new theme park, but he stressed that it will take time to complete the plan and many questions remain to be cleared before it can be realized. “We are sure that we will be able to create a more exciting park by taking advantage of Comcast’s capital strength,” Morioka said.

Questions about the future of the Okinawa plan had been raised in Okinawa after the exiting CEO Glenn Gumpel said at a press conference on Sep. 28th that there was nothing to say about the new theme park plan as of then.

03:18 24 Apr , 2024