Food poisoning reported at Naha restaurant

The Naha City Healthcare Center announced Nov. 19th that four women, all in their 20’s, who had had a meal at Restaurant ‘Eito’ in Kume, Naha City, had suffered symptoms of food poisoning.

The women complained of diarrhea, fever and vomiting. Three of them were tested at a hospital, and campylobacter was detected from two. One of the two women who were hospitalized, however, is already out of the hospital.

Campylobacter causes a gastrointestinal infection characterized by inflammatory diarrhea and often cramps, fever, and pain. Foods that can be contaminated include raw or undercooked poultry, raw dairy products, and produce

The healthcare center ordered the restaurant suspend business for three days starting form Nov. 19th.

14:23 29 May , 2024