Group of ten arrested for spree of thefts, trespassing

Okinawa Prefectural Police announced Nov. 6th the arrest of a group of eight boys and two adult men on suspicion of theft and trespassing.

According to the police, the group consists of ten males from 14 to 27 years of age, all living in the southern part of the island. Investigators believe they have been involved in 86 cases of criminal activity including theft. The value of damaged and missing property totals about ¥8.93 million.

The members of the group are suspected of trespassing into private residences in the southern part of the island stealing wallets with cash, bags and motorcycle keys in a spree that stretched from March to mid September. They used the keys to steal motorcycles from the houses they entered. Investigators say they sold the stolen valuables, took apart the motorcycles and sold the parts on the Internet.

They allegedly spent the money on eating and playing. The men have reportedly denied the charges, while the boys have admitted to them.

09:43 23 Jun , 2024