Guardman killed in traffic accident, driver arrested

Uruma Police arrested a 24-year-old store worker Christopher Keisuke Hoshino from Ishado, Nakagusuku, on suspicion of vehicular homicide on Nov. 6th.

According to police, a car driven by Hoshino hit Keitetsu Yonamine, a 64-year-old security guard, on Route 329 in Enobi, Uruma City, just after midnight on Nov. 6th. Because of the impact, Yonamine was thrown about 15 meters from the spot. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Yonamine had controlled the traffic at a street improvement construction site when he was hit. Hoshino was driving a car without a driver’s license at, what police say, was an ‘uncontrollably-fast speed.’

Police investigators say the reason for the accident was Hoshino’s excessive speed. When questioned, Hoshino insisted, “I did not drive that fast,” and has denied part of the charges.

22:01 24 Jun , 2024